Girl Shocked as Tinder Match Asked Her To Help Him Rob Bank

A beautiful girl recently gets shocked after receiving an unusual proposal from her Tinder match. The girl from Houston, Texas in the US was asked by her Tinder match to help him to rob a bank. The girl shocked after getting the proposal with which she had matched on dating app Tinder.

These days many youngsters, even in Odisha, are taking to popular dating app Tinder to find a nice guy/girl for dating. However, while generally, users get invitations for dating from their matches in this App, it was strange to find a guy asking his Tinder match to help him for a crime.

Danielle, from Houston, Texas, had only downloaded the matchmaking app a day earlier on October 14, when she received the strange message. The 19-year old student had matched with the potential love conquest and started messaging him after the initial match. But things turned for the worse when he asked her to be complicit in a potential crime he was planning to commit.

He said:

I’m not trying to date you or anything. I’m robbing a bank and need an attractive female to distract an overweight guard that runs the night shift.

Clothing will be provided. All you need to do is hold his attention for 15 minutes and 49 seconds.

Are you in or out Danielle?

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Danielle, seemingly shocked by his lack of flirting, posted the conversation to Twitter with the caption, ‘Ok Tinder is not working.’

The tweet went viral amassing more than 32,000 retweets within days of posting, and the bar worker found that people on the dating app were even recognising her profile from social media.

But in a weird twist of fate, Danielle continued speaking to the master criminal, saying he never mentioned his illegal plan again.

She said:

He did explain himself after the message.

Fortunately for the mystery dater, his unusual approach to striking up conversation with potential love interests seemed to work on Danielle, as the two are going on a date next week.

She said:

We are planning to go out on Monday night for dinner.

Some women were quick to point out how unusual it was for a man on Tinder to come out and be honest about what he actually wants.


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