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Ghost Like Picture Of Baby Goes Viral


Bhubaneswar: Spooky picture of a baby sleeping alone has gone viral on the internet.

The ghost like picture created quite a sensation in twitter and became a hit almost instantly.

The parents of the baby saw this spooky image of their little one in the baby monitor.

It looked as if the baby was possessed and had glowing eyes staring right into the monitor.

Twitter user named @PassionPopSoc posted this picture which showed the baby with the caption, “We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake.”

Twitterati said the baby was actually possessed because when they saved the photo on their phone it flipped by itself.

Many Twitter users shared similar incidents where they clicked their baby’s image and it turned out to be spooky. Many suggested to return the baby monitor.

A few went a step ahead and suggested returning the baby!!!

At the time of posting this story the picture had got 3.1K comments, 83.2K retweets and 407.6K loves.

(Credits: India Today)

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