From Learner’s License To Renewal Of Driving License, You Can Get These 18 Services Of RTO From Home, Here’s How  

With an aim to help the people to get several services regarding Driving License and Certificate of Registration from home, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued Aadhaar-based authentication for 18 services offered by Regional Transport Offices (RTOs).

The Ministry has introduced the contactless service to reduce the congestion for these services at RTOs. This means that it will facilitate people sitting at home and save time, as well as unnecessary crowds will not accumulate on the RTOs during the Corona period.

With Aadhaar authentication, on voluntary basis, anyone can get the benefit of these 18 contactless services.

Here are the 18 services which will be available online:

    1. Learner’s License
    2. Renewal of Driving License for which last of competence to drive is not required
    3. Duplicate Driving License
    4. Change of Address in Driving License and Certificate of Registration
    5. Issue of International Driving Permit
    6. Surrender of Class of Vehicle from License
    7. Application for Temporary Registration of motor vehicle
    8. Application for registration of motor vehicle with fully built body
    9. Application for grant of NOC for certificate registration
    10. Application for issue of duplicate Certificate of registration
    11. Notice of Transfer of ownership of motor vehicle
    12. Application for transfer of ownership of motor vehicle
    13. Intimation of change of address in certificate of registration
    14. Application for registration for driver training from accredited driver training centre
    15. Application for registration of motor vehicle of diplomatic officer
    16. Application for assignment of fresh registration mark of motor vehicle diplomatic officer
    17. Endorsement of hire-purchase agreement
    18. Termination of hire-purchase agreement

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