Follow these tips to prevent ants and cockroaches from your kitchen

Everyone wants to own a house of his/her choice in life. While some manage to own their dream home, some have to live in rented house. However, they face the same problems of cockroaches and ants in their day today lives. Undoubtedly, cockroaches and ants always rule the house, especially the kitchen and create immense problems for people.

Any dirt in the kitchen is enough for the ants and cockroaches to live in the spot and even cause dangerous diseases. Many people want to get rid of the problems of cockroaches and ants. They even take different steps to keep the cockroaches and ants away from the kitchen, but in vain.

However, we are going to give you certain kitchen tips that will help you to solve your problems of cockroaches and ants quickly and very easily.

Use Boric Acid:

  • You can use boric acid to get rid of cockroaches. Buy boric acid from the market and make small balls by mixing it with flour. Then place those boric acid balls near the place where cockroaches live. Soon, the cockroaches will vanish.

Use vinegar:

  • Boil a small quantity of vinegar and add some water on it. Now, put the mixture in the kitchen sink. As you put it, the cockroaches hiding inside the kitchen sink will come out and leave the house.

Use salt and boil water:

  • If you are worried about the presence of ants in the house or kitchen, boil normal water and add some salt in it. Now, pour the salt water on the ants. You all can pour on the ant hole/hill. The remedy will definitely drive out ants from your house and kitchen.

Lemon and baking soda:

  • Get some baking soda and mix it with some lemon juice and sprinkle the mixture on the cockroaches. You will find the cockroaches run away from the kitchen and house.

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