Feng Shui: Keeping these 9 fishes at home may bring you wealth

Everyone wants to keep their homes happy and peaceful while always keeping the door to success and wealth open. The Feng Shui scriptures contain statements that cleanse the house of negative energy.

The Chinese architectural scripture known as Feng Shui is deeply embedded in Chinese culture, much similar to how we Indians strongly believe in the ancient Vaastu Shastra, which has a lot of ways to get rid of negative energy in life as well as wealth, respect, career, job, love and happiness. Keeping these 9 types of fish at home is one way. Let’s find out which fish are the best to keep at home:

Keep these nine fishes at home:
Eight black and one goldfish in an aquarium are considered to be particularly auspicious in feng shui. By keeping these nine fish within the house, negative energy is eliminated, and positive energy is created.

Keeping nine fish in your home aquarium has the following advantages:
Your happiness will rise, according to Feng Shui beliefs, if you have 8 black and 1 goldfish in your tank in the living room of your home. It can be placed on the north or east side of your living room.

Additionally, fish are regarded for their capacity to increase respect and reduce financial hardships. Therefore, avoid placing an aquarium in the bedroom or else, it might disrupt your sleep.

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