Eye Care Tips For Rainy Season

Eye care
Dr Tarun Panda

By: Dr Tarun Panda

Eye care is very much important in the rainy season. Eyes are highly susceptible to infections in the rainy season. Hence, it is good to prioritise personal hygiene quotient to avoid an eye infection during this season. With the monsoon season around, not just rain, even several eye infections will be at our doorsteps, such as conjunctivitis, eye styes, etc. However, the right guidance from an expert and adequate care can play a crucial role in addressing any eye-related infection. Here are a few useful eye care tips to keep your eyes healthy in this rainy season.

  •  Though rainy season brings a lot of joy, it still brings with them tons of infections and allergies which subsequently can cause eye pain and discomfort.
  • Viral infections are more prone during monsoon due to increased moisture in the air.
  • Proper eye care should be given emphasis, so as to avoid eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes and corneal ulcers too, which can cause even blindness.
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  • Precautions that are to be followed strictly for healthy eyes are :
    1. Prevent dust exposure by using sunglasses or protective glasses because heavy rains sometimes come accompanied by dusty wind, which in turn can cause eye irritations and infections.
    2. One should make sure of wearing cleaned contact lenses.
    3. Washing our eyes with clean and cold water should be habituated, remove all the dust particles from within and around the eyes.
    4. Personal hygiene should be given importance and one should try to use own towels, napkins, and hankies to check the transmission of infective organisms to other family members.
    5. Rainy season increased our crave for street food, still, we should avoid eating unhealthy and cold food. Intake of oily food and cold drinks should be restricted consumption of fruits and salads should be encouraged. Healthy eyes badly need green leafy vegetables, corn, eggs, etc. to stay fit and infection-free.
    6. Eye makeup should be limited so as to decrease the chances of eye irritations and infections.
    7. Eye doctor consultation is mandatory if someone senses eye problems.

The writer is an assistant professor (Eye) at the SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack.


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