Evergreen Marine Corp. giving out almost 4 years’ salary as bonus to employees

Evergreen Marine's ship got stuck in the Suez Canal in 2021. It is handing out year-end bonuses equal to 50 months' salary.


Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine Corporation is celebrating a successful year by awarding amazing bonuses, equal to almost 50 months’ salary to some of its staff.

The Taipei-based shipping company is handing out year-end bonuses equal to 4 years’ salary, or more on average, according to a source. The size of the windfall varies depending on an employee’s job grade and function and the outsized bonuses are only applicable for staff with Taiwan-based contracts, informed the source.

Evergreen Marine’s largesse is the result of an unprecedented industry-wide shipping boom over the past two years, driven by a pandemic-fueled surge in demand for consumer goods and freight rates. The company’s 2022 revenue is expected to soar to a record NT$634.6 billion ($20.7 billion), more than triple 2020 sales.

Evergreen Marine said in a statement on Friday that year-end bonuses have always been based on the company’s performance for the year and the individual performance of employees. They refused to elaborate any further on the matter.

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Evergreen Marine gained internet infamy in 2021 when a ship it operated got stuck in the Suez Canal. The super tanker ‘Ever Given’ became wedged diagonally across the canal during a sandstorm, disrupting trade flows for nearly a week.

But Evergreen Marine has benefitted from a pandemic-era shipping boom over the past two years. The firm is expected to earn $20.7 billion in revenue in 2022 – nearly triple its 2020 sales.

A popular news channel of Taipei has reported that some of its Taiwan-based employees received more than $65,000 as bonus on December 31, as the company is giving out 50 months’ salary as bonus, or more to some employees.

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