EPFO Credits Interest In Accounts, Did You Get Money In Your Account? Check Balance Like This

The government has started putting interest in the PF account of crores of employees of the country. For the financial year 2019-20, the government is paying 8.5 percent interest on EPF saving. Information about this has been provided by the Ministry of Finance. So how can you find out whether interest has come in your account or not. Let us tell you about four ways, through which you can check the balance of your PF account.

Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar said, “We have issued a notification to pay 8.5 percent interest on EPF for 2019-20. We have started the process of depositing the said rate of interest in the accounts of the shareholders. ”

1. Check balance through Umang App: You must first install this app on your mobile. After this, you have to enter your registered phone number which you have registered. Now go to the menu in the top left corner and go to the ‘Service Directory’. Search and click on EPFO ​​option here. After going to the View Passbook here, check the balance through your UAN number and OTP.

2. Through EPFO ​​portal: Employees can also check their account balance through EPFO ​​portal. For this, you have to log in to the website. Apart from this, click on epfindia.gov.in for e-passbook. A new page will open after this. Here you have to fill your username (UAN number), password, and captcha. After this, a new page will open where all the details will come. Now here you have to select the member id. Your balance will come in its bar.

3. Check your balance through miss-call: For this, miss-call the registered mobile number on 011-22901406. It is also important to have your UAN, PAN, and Aadhaar link here. After making a call to this number, your balance will come.

4. Check balance through SMS: For this, it is necessary that your UAN number is registered with EPFO. You need to send ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’ to 7738299899. This service supports 10 different languages ​​including English, Hindi, Punjabi.

  1. Raza says

    Has anyone even received this???

    1. Siddhartha says

      No. This is fake news spread by media. No interest has come.

    2. Raza says

      I raised a complaint with of department. First they said it will be done post books are closed not sure what they mean by this? I got the issue escalated which was first then up by mumbai office then they sent it to Delhi office which sent it back to mumbai office. Today is 26 th April and am still waiting.

  2. Changu says

    Absolute garbage – interest has not been credited

  3. Nishant Jha says

    Not got

    1. Shakti says

      Still now nothing credit

  4. JustATaxpayer says

    How many days Govt need to pay the interest that is supposed to be credited on 31-Mar-2020? Any delay in tax payment would be fined with heavy interest. Stock market has crossed highest ever. Govt got petrol for cheap price and selling for much higher.

    Only when it comes to doing the needful for tax paying salaried employee there is too much delay and marginal lukewarm increase of tax slabs.

  5. Aditya Nigam says

    This is a lie…

  6. Lekhraj Sajwan says

    बेवकूफ बनाने की भी हद होती है। ये सरकार और डिपार्टमेंट की मिलीभगत है। बड़ बड़ करते जाओ और करो घण्टा।जनता का पैसा खाने के चक्कर में है ये मोदी सरकार

  7. Seby says

    kindly do not publish untrue information, EPF interest is not yet credited

  8. Sashikumar says

    In digital india interest will be credited by 2021 year end. New india is all about false promises and funky statements…..expectations lead to shit

  9. Amit Kumar Sharma says

    P.F Interest still not received in my account till date where I can complain.

  10. AK says

    Pf interest still not credited,they making fool to all Indians.

  11. SURESH C R says

    Not yet credited to my account

  12. L.JAIN says

    Not credited yet.
    It should be credited immediately.
    Govt. should change the system to credit interest on 31st March every year.

  13. Srinivasa G says

    Fake news fake central govt

  14. Srinivasa G says

    Stupidity don’t have the money in central govt

  15. Umesh Kamlu says

    Intest is not credited. Pl.donot post False News.Thanks


    not credited

  17. Vineet says

    Fake news. They have been making fools every month with this kind of news and it is new year now, still interest not credited.

  18. A says


  19. A says

    Fake news and fake article

  20. Apoorv says

    As mentioned by others I also didn’t received any interest after checking. Everyone please do not believe on this fake news

  21. Chandra says

    Why they are fooling us?
    It’s better if they give interest for 2 years by the end of March 2021, as this financial year will end within 3 months. Such is laid back attitude of this organisation.

  22. Ram says

    It’s all over media that interest credit has started. But the fact is till now, have not received the interest. It’s 11 Jan evening

  23. Pappu says

    Fake story..
    Interest not credited till now ( 14 jan)

  24. Prasanna says

    Not credited yet. 18/Jan

  25. Aushil says

    Not credited yet- 23/ jan. time and again these stories are spread in the media to fool the public. Makes me doubt how safe is money kept in epfo.

  26. Amit says

    No epf interest credited till now. Govt is lying in front of media.

  27. Yogesh says

    26-Jan today. Interest has not been credited yet.

  28. rakesh says

    credited for 2019-20

  29. Sandip Chanda says

    No interest for financial year 2019-20 has been credited as yet

  30. Sandip Chanda says

    No interest for financial year 2019-20 has been credited as yet. The news is fake.

  31. Raza says

    Checking back. Has anyone got 19-20 interest yet.

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