E Shram Card Pension New Scheme: Card holders to get Rs 3000 pension per month

The central government launched the Pradhan Mantri E Shram card pension scheme for old age protection and social security of Unorganised Workers. According to the scheme, the E Shram card holders will be given an amount of Rs 3000 pension per month from the government.

Read further to know more about this new pension scheme introduced by the government.

The central government provide direct help to the Unorganised Workers through this scheme. Therefore, to avail the benefits of the scheme one must register their name and details on the E-Shram portal. Following the registration, a E-Shram card will be issued on their name. It is basically a 12 digit labour card that also marks the citizenship of a worker.
The goal of this pension plan is to provide security to the poor workers during their old age.

It is a voluntary and contributory pension scheme, which the registered card holder can only avail after turning 60 years old. However, if the person dies before or after turning to their eligible age, the spouse of the beneficiary shall be entitled to receive 50% of the pension as family pension. Note that Family pension is applicable only to spouse.

Benefits of E-Shram card

  • Beneficiary will receive Rs. 3000 pension per month after turning 60 year old.
  • Before turning 60 year old, if the card holder gets involved in an accident they will receive full insurance coverage.
  • In case of severe accident, the family of the beneficiary will receive an insurance of Rs. 50,000.
  • The card holder has to contribute money through their E-Shram card. The central government will also give equal matching contribution in his/her pension account.

How to register for E-Shram scheme

Interested eligible person shall visit their nearest CSC centre. In order to enrol his/her name, they need to carry all identification documents such as Aadhar card, Saving account details, Initial contribution amount in cash.

Considering how E-Shram card works in almost every state of the nation, it is utmost beneficial for the future. Therefore, visit the E-Shram portal to register your name to avail all the benefits of this scheme.

How to make contribution on E-Shram card?

To make contribution in your E-Shram card, visit register.eshram.gov.in . Apart from that you can also make the contribution from your nearest common service centre.

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  1. Shubham says

    Ganta nhi milta kuchh bhi

    1. Nemichand nagar says


  2. Arjun bohra says

    I make a esharm card before 2 months but I didn’t didn’t get anything why so

    1. GITANJALI says

      Beneficiary will receive Rs. 3000 pension per month after turning 60 year old.

  3. Noor Aysha Nilofer says

    I made a esharm card in February 2022 but I still didn’t get any money to my account am 21 year old in esharm card they mentioned the age 16- 59 year old people can get the benifits of this yojana but still I didn’t get any benifits

  4. Ricky says

    A year has been passed since I made D’s eshram card but forget about receiving 1 rupee.I didn’t get even 50 paise.
    What s d benifit.

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