Don’t do these while traveling in train otherwise you will be jailed & fined, check details

Indian Railways provides train services across the country in which people travel to their destination. People book their tickets either online or offline.

There are different rules which you need to follow while traveling by train. If you are also planning to travel by train, then you must know about some important rules before that, otherwise, you may have to go to jail or pay fine. There are many such rules of railways, about which you may not know, so before traveling, you should know all the guidelines very well.

If you travel for free in a train, then a penalty is imposed on you according to the compartment in which you travel. Apart from this, action can also be taken against you under section 138 of the Railway Act.

Apart from this, if any passenger is found traveling on the roof of the train, then action will be taken against him under Railway Act 156. In this, you are punished. Under this, you may have to pay a jail term of 3 months or a fine of Rs 500.

If any person puts up posters on the train premises, then railways can take action against him as well. Action is taken in this under Section 166 (B) of the Railways. Under this, there is a provision of imprisonment of 6 months or a fine of Rs 500.

This apart, action is also taken against those who sell tickets illegally, there is a provision of imprisonment of up to 3 years in this. Apart from this, the accused will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000.


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