Do you want to improve your bike mileage, then follow these tips

Now-a-days the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing. The prices of the Petrol has crossed 100 per liter in most cities of the country while diesel is following its footsteps.

In these times, if your bike does not give good mileage then it will also be a burden on your budget along with the increase in petrol and diesel price.

So If you want to maintain or improve your deteriorating bike mileage then you can follow these following tips from experts.

1. Don’t drive you bike with a very high speed

You should drive your bike with a normal speed as driving a bike with a very fast speed and careless manner can damage its mileage. The more you drive your bike on high speed, the more the mileage of your bike will be deteriorated. You should also avoid riding your bike on broken roads.

 2.Get your bike serviced on time

You should get your bike serviced on time as it will help to improve the bike mileage to get better. To maintain the mileage of any vehicle, you should keep it serviced from time to time. Even minor flaws of the bike gets removed during service.

3.Use good quality fuel

If you want to improve the mileage of your bike then you should use good quality fuel in the bike all the time. Get the fuel from a reliable and better filling station as you do not get better quality oil at all filling stations. Apart from this, if there is any problem with the bike, then contact the mechanic immediately.

4. Turn of engine at red light if you wait for more than 1 minute

Another thing you have to do is you should turn off the engine of your bike at the red light if you are riding the bike inside the city and have to wait more than 1 minute at the red light. If you do this then your mileage can improve to a great extent.

5. Use gears and breaks while driving

The last but not the least, you should use gears and brakes very carefully while riding a bike and always keep the tires of your bike of good shape. So keep these small things in mind and you can improve the mileage of your bike to a great extent.

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