Do you know these things about Aadhaar features? Learn every detail

Aadhar card is counted as a very important document. Many important details of a citizen are recorded in this card. In this card, biometric information along with demographic information are recorded. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the organization that issued this card, has been periodically updating features in this card to keep all these information safe.

There are many such features in the Aadhar card through which they have been made safe. No one can misuse your Aadhaar card through these features. Many features are being given in the PVC Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar security features include Guilloch pattern, hologram, ghost image, and microtext. The QR code present in the PVC card can cause instant offline verification. This can be done from the window authorized by mAadhaar application and UIDAI.

In many cases, the cheating has been done through duplicate copy of Aadhaar. You can get PVC Aadhaar cards made to avoid such fraud by using Aadhaar. Hologram feature has been added due to which duplicate copy of an Aadhaar card cannot be removed. A hologram is a type of code that cannot be copied.

UIDAI allows to lock the Aadhaar number. Through this fraud can be prevented through Aadhaar number. The special thing is that you can get your Aadhaar number locked by just an SMS.


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