Do you have any questions related to Aadhaar card? Tweeting here will get immediate answers

There is no doubt that Aadhaar card has become the most important document nowadays. It is needed in doing almost all kinds of work. Be it a government work or private work, the Aadhaar card is asked for your identity. Besides, people having Aadhaar card do get benefit of different government schemes. However, people who have some problem related to their Aadhaar card are facing lot of inconveniences due to the ongoing lockdown.In such a situation, taking care of the convenience of UIDAI Aadhar Card users, they have started solving their problems on Twitter.

All the problems related to Aadhaar are dealt with by UIDAI. If you have any Aadhar card related question or problem, you can know the solution by tweeting it. For this you can tweet at @UIDAI and @Aadhaar_Care. Apart from this, the official Twitter handle of the Regional Office of Aadhaar Center has also been given. Here also you can make your complaint.

1947 Customer Care Number: This service of Aadhaar is different from customer care, phone number and mail ID. UIDAI’s customer care number is 1947. Apart from this, information can also be sought by sending an email to

All the facilities of UIDAI are available online: Let us tell you that UIDAI has started all the facilities online keeping in mind the convenience of the people. All the work can be done online, whether to change the name, change the phone number or change any other information in the Aadhar card.

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  1. Balaji Kisan Tekale says

    No, online aadhaar services are not available eg cell phone number update. This piece of news is misleading. Don’t do it. Before you print it, confirm it.

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