Check Your Weekly Zodiac Forecast, See Details

Bhubaneswar: Here is a complete weekly zodiac forecast. Let us understand how this all-important planetary movement this week will impact different zodiac signs.

This is your forecast for November 16- November 22.


You will be blessed with a Midas touch. Your career prospects will show drastic improvement. You will be rewarded for your efforts at the workplace. This will be a golden period to get ahead with the idea of starting a new business or venture. Bagging a good job with an impressive salary package is a strong possibility. You will remain career-oriented and will deepen your involvement towards your career goals. You will have the support and cooperation of your loved ones. You will be able to manage your expenses. Your hard work will not go in vain. The support of your seniors will push you up the ladder of professional success. Those looking to travel or move abroad will be successful. On the flip side, there could be misunderstandings in your married life due to interference of outsiders. Your mother’s health could also be an area of concern. You should handle any adverse situations with a calm and sincere approach.

Tip of the week: Utilise your Midas touch


This is an extremely auspicious phase for you. You will be in a good space as far as professional and financial success is concerned. Peace and harmony will prevail in your life. You will excel in your respective field. You will have better prospects in your business and will be rewarded for your efforts at workplace. Investments will yield good results. Dealing in land and property will be beneficial for you. You can plan to buy a new house. If you are single, you may find your soul mate, and if married, there will be marital bliss. Jupiter’s transit will improve your financial condition. You will feel interested in spiritual activities and there is a possibility of travelling to distant places. You will have good mental and physical health. Your father’s health needs to be carefully watched and all precautions are advised. Your elder siblings will witness positive developments in their life. A change of residence seems to be on the cards.

Tip of the week: Look for excellence


You will be entering into a transformative phase in your life. At a personal level, you are likely to undergo changes in your thoughts and attitude towards life, which will pose questions relating to your life purpose. You will reap the fruits of your hard work done earlier. The results will be exceptionally good for those working in the field of research or insurance. In case you’re planning to go overseas, you will be able to achieve success after overcoming minor obstacles. You can expect gains from ancestral property. Opportunities to explore, discover and learn will significantly expand. It will be a favourable time for those in business. Finishing new projects on time will help you receive appreciation. You are likely to develop a religious bent of mind. Avoid procrastination as it may create problems for you. You need to be careful about fresh investments and do so only after the necessary due-diligence. Health-related problems relating to lower back and spine may trouble you. You are advised to work out to stay fit and healthy.

Tip of the week: Avoid new investments


The new planetary movement will bring about changes in your attitude towards life. At a material level, your business and career will witness strong growth. You will be able to complete pending tasks. Business will expand and yield good results. You will be able to stabilise your financial condition. This period will fetch rewards for your hard work. A close friend will lend strong support which will help you to achieve your goals. You may be interested in pursuing research. Students will be required to concentrate on studies if they want to achieve good results. You may switch your stream of education during this period. There are chances that you will set foot on a foreign land. However, on a personal level, there could be some setback on the emotional front. Relations with spouse and business partner could prove to be testing, and you may be required to handle any awkward situations with poise. There could be the onset of health problems relating to kidney or urinary system.

Tip of the week: Handle your emotions


You are entering into a new phase of life. It is a phase which will push you out of your comfort zone and make you competitive. Become a go-getter and you will be able to outperform all your opponents. Health could play spoilsport at times as you are likely to become prone to frequent injury. You are advised to involve yourself in competitive sports to stay at the top of your game. A loan that was pending for long will be repaid, which will bring financial relief. You will be able to expand your business as you will possess the required money and skills. There might be problems and misunderstandings among your family members. Make efforts to reunite your family. Relationships with spouse could go through a challenging phase. It is advisable to resolve the matters at the outset; else things may go out of hand. You will emerge victorious in matters of litigation. Singles will be able to find the love of their life.

Tip of the week: Be a go-getter


This is a favourable phase for you indicating the dawn of a new life. Married couples are likely to welcome a new family member in the house which will add to all around happiness. At the same time, those who are single are likely to step into a new romantic relationship. Your performance in the educational field will be remarkable. The harder you work the better results you will get. You will have the support of your seniors as well as your teachers. Going abroad for pursuing higher education is a strong possibility. Your opponents may try to put you down. Avoid switching your job for the time being and look for growth opportunities within the organisation. Stay away from controversial matters. Avoid giving or taking loans during this period. There are chances of you going on a long-distance travel to a religious place. While lingering health issues are likely to get cured, there could be some new concerns relating to chest and digestion.

Tip of the week: Avoid switching jobs


Your level of happiness and satisfaction will improve. This is a favourable period for investing into real estate or making changes in your existing house. You may also plan to lay the groundwork for a new business venture. Business partnerships during this phase shall prove to be favourable. Working professionals will be able to bag the job of their choice. You will enjoy a lucrative salary package as well. Your hard work and efforts at your workplace will be financially rewarded. Some of you can also lay your hand on a promotion. Students will excel in studies. Your relationship with your children will improve. Try to reconcile with people with whom you have had problems in the past. You may purchase a new vehicle and initiate financial transactions relating to real estate. There is a possibility of child birth in your family. Chances of a love marriage are high. If you apply for a loan, it will get sanctioned. A change of residence is likely. Health issues relating to chest should not be ignored.

Tip of the week: Invest in immovable assets


All your efforts in the past will now start giving you positive results. You are likely to get more attached to your mother. Her teachings and blessings will be your guiding light. At home, peace and harmony will prevail. Your career graph will rise slowly and gradually. Your financial condition will improve. You may bag a promotion or a hike in your salary. You are likely to have short-distance travels and there could be signing of new documents. You will enjoy an ecstatic married life. You will be a loyal and committed partner and will set an example for others to follow. Your spouse is likely to witness positive developments in life. Difference of opinion with your children can become a source of worry. You could have an inclination to involve yourself in spiritual activities. Some of you will earn name and fame in the field of sports. Health concerns relating to respiratory system should not be ignored.

Tip of the week: Seek your mother’s blessings


You will strike it rich during this period. New projects will fall in your lap. You will be praised if you complete your work in the prescribed manner within the stipulated time. Although, this period looks to be bright for your business, investing money and starting a new line of work is something you should stay away from. However, it may be a good idea to invest in long-term saving schemes. You will remain wiser and will offer your advice to others on various issues which will be highly appreciated. Also, do make it a point to not make commitments that you cannot fulfil. Family atmosphere will remain cordial and there could be a celebration at home. Your married life will be harmonious and your bonding with children will improve. Your interest in spiritual dimensions of life will increase and you will be curious to delve deeper into it. Health issues relating to eyes and throat can disturb you.

Tip of the week: Stay away from making commitments


The new planetary position will bring about changes in various aspects of your life. You will experience major gains in the field of travelling and communications. Those of you looking to settle abroad are likely to receive the green light. Your elder siblings will need your help and support and you will remain strongly attached to them. Those in the IT industry are likely to receive new job opportunities. At a personal level, academics, religion and spirituality will appeal to you. You will possess strong communication skills and will be able to impress everyone around you. Your financial condition will improve remarkably. Pending tasks will be completed. This is a good period for those looking to get married. For married people, there could be minor issues with your partner. You are likely to retrieve the money that you had lent to others in the past. By and large, you will stay physically fit but a visit to the hospital cannot be ruled out.

Tip of the week: Make good use of your communication skills


This is an excellent phase for those working abroad or planning to migrate to another country. Those in business are likely to make fresh investments which will turn out to be profitable in the long run. Others need to stay away from making any investment as money is likely to get stuck. For working professionals, this is a period of new opportunities. Some of you can expect an increment and also change of job. There could be long-distance travel related to work. You may also travel to religious places to achieve peace of mind. Those single are likely to find a partner with whom you will connect on a different level. You will develop an inclination towards learning and education. You will work hard in academics. Any issues in married life will now be resolved. There could be some misunderstanding with elder siblings which should be handled with tact. On the health front, you could experience pain in the joints and legs.

Tip of the week: Expect a new beginning in your love life


This week marks the beginning of a golden phase for your career. You are likely to receive new opportunities for job growth, which you should grasp with both hands. Your income will improve and investments will give more than average returns. You will receive income from more than one source. You will be able to execute your unfinished tasks. Your social circle will expand as you will befriend a number of people. Your elder siblings are likely to play an important role in your life; hence you are advised to take their opinion into consideration while taking an important decision. You will receive opportunities to travel abroad. Any ongoing litigation is likely to go in your favour. Investments related to land and property will bring you wealth. Married couples are likely to become parents. There are chances of a minor injury. Hence, you are advised to take care of your health and drive safely.

Tip of the week: Grasp the opportunities


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