Check Rates Of Petrol And Diesel By Sending An SMS, This Is The Number

Petrol and diesel prices are steadily increasing. New rates of Petrol and Diesel are updated daily at 6 am. New rates of petrol and diesel are applied every day from 6 am. If you also want to know the rates of petrol and diesel in your city sitting at home, then you do not have to do much for it.

Yes, you can get information about the prices of petrol in your city only by sending an SMS from your mobile. Let us give you information about which number is on which you can get information by sending a message.

You will have to send an SMS to 9224992249 in this format sitting at home through a mobile phone. SMS “RSP <space> Dealer Code of Petrol Pump”. One thing to note here is that the dealer codes of all petrol pumps are different and the dealer code is written in the premises of the petrol pump.

For your convenience, we have put some of the deal codes on the Indian Oil website as a picture in the middle of the news. You can use it by looking at your city code. The information received through SMS is only indicative of the price.

Check Rate Of Petrol And Diesel By Sending An SMS

It is to be noted that apart from SMS, there is also an IndianOil ONE Mobile App. By downloading this mobile app on your smartphone, you can find the nearest petrol pump of Indian Oil near your home, as well as you can track Fuel Prices. Explain that the information given above is according to the information given on the official website of Indian Oil.


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