Chandra Grahan 2020: Effect On Zodiac Signs

Bhubaneswar: This year the last Lunar Eclipse, also known as Chandra Grahan will take place on November 30. The eclipse will begin at 1:02 pm and end at 5:23 pm

Eclipse plays an important role on astrology. It is believed that all the zodiac signs do have positive and negative impact on the moon.

Lets find out what Chandra Grahan has impact on the Zodiac Signs:


Aries people will be impacted financially and would have to deal with a little indecisiveness.  So be calm and and avoid unnecessary decisions.


Taurus people financial matters will deteriorate.They may suffer from health issues and face ups and downs in life.


Gemini people have to be more responsible. Financially they have to save more and spend less on shopping or buying anything.

Cancer :

Cancer people will prosper financially and will make new friends


Leo people will experience a positive change in their financial and health life. Your family will be supportive and you have smoothness in your relationships.


Virgo people have to face certain obstacles and challenges in your life.Financially you may see a downfall.No do not try to spend money on unnecessary things.


Libra people need to meditate every day and keep calm. Work will be on progress. Need to stay away from arguments and stay positive.


Scorpio people may have harmony with partner and face financial difficulty. Do avoid arguments with colleagues at work.


This eclipse will bring in good luck falling under this zodiac sign. You will win over your enemies, you need to be cautious regarding your health matters.


This eclipse will be good for this sign. the students will do well and prosper in their careers. Love live will be perfect and those who are looking for jobs and want to start new business will get success.


This eclipse will have a difficult time for this sign.Those who are involved in the land property, they will get much money than expected. It will be a good day for lovemates.


Pisces people will be in good health. You may not agree with lot of people , so listen to people what they say and then later comment. Any tasks that had come to a stand still will get resolved.

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  1. Dharam M.V says

    Are these predictions based on Moon sign or Sun sign( Indian or Western) ?

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