Bizarre: Brazilian woman marries rag doll, now has a baby with it!

A Brazilian woman who married a rag doll now has a child together.

Maerivone Rocha Moraes, a 37-year-old woman, lamented being alone and lacking a dancing partner. Moraes’ mother created a rag doll named Marcelo for her, which she received as a gift and instantly fell in love with.

Maerivone claimed that after she complained to her mother about not having a dancing partner, her mother introduced her to the handcrafted rag doll, Marcelo. She also said that she was dancing the forró solo. Moraes would attend dances but occasionally struggled to find a companion. However, now she no longer worries about finding a dancing partner because she and Marcelo clicked right away.

Since the day they first met, Moraes and Marcelo have been dating. From being a dance partner to a significant other to a spouse to a father, Marcelo the handcrafted ragdoll has had it all. Marcelo is referred to as a “wonderful and faithful spouse” by Moraes. Marcelo, she stated, is “such a man” that all ladies are envious of him.

Moraes found out she was “pregnant” after a while and made the decision to get married so their “baby” wouldn’t be born out of wedlock. The Brazilian woman married Marcelo and celebrated her nuptials with her rag doll husband in front of about 250 friends.

“The wedding was a great day for me, very meaningful, very emotional,” stated Moraes when talking about her nuptials. It was simply gorgeous from the beginning, when I walked down the aisle, until the finish.

On May 21, Marcelinho, their rag doll child, “was born.” Moraes “gave birth” in 35 minutes at home with a doctor and nurse present, broadcasting the event live to an audience of 200 people. Even though Moraes is the only source of income for the household, the family is now contentedly residing together.

Moraes talked about her marriage and how great Marcelo is. He truly understands me; he doesn’t argue or engage in conflict with me.

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