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Big News For Bikers! Government Issues New Guidelines For Two-Wheelers; Check Details


The Central government has taken several measures to check traffic violation and road accident. It has changed many rules for road safety, at the same time it has made some rules. Recently, the Road Transport and Highways Ministry has issued new guidelines for people riding two wheelers.

According to reports, there will be hand holds behind the driver’s seat on both sides of the bike. Its purpose is to protect the people sitting back. Till now most bikes did not have this facility. Along with this, the notch has been made mandatory on both sides for those who sit behind the bike.

Apart from this, at least half of the left side of the rear wheel of the bike will be covered securely so that the clothes of the rear seaters do not get tangled in the rear wheel.

Along with this, the ministry has also issued guidelines for putting lighter containers in the bike. The length of this container is 550 mm, width 510 ml and height shall not exceed 500 mm.

If the container is placed at the place of the previous ride, only the driver will be approved. Meaning no other person will be able to sit on that bike. The government will change these rules from time to time.

Recently, the government has also issued a new guideline regarding tires. Under this, a tyre pressure monitoring system has been suggested for vehicles up to a maximum weight of 3.5 tons.

Through the sensor in this system, the driver gets the information about the condition of the air in the tire of the vehicle. Along with this, the Ministry has also recommended tyre repair kits. After its introduction, the vehicle will not require extra tires.

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