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Beware! There Could Be A Snake In Your Bike

Snakes might be sign of a healthy Eco-system, but no one likes to encounter these poisonous being at any circumstances.


People living in villages, sub-urban or areas around the woods often find wild creatures lurking around their houses or gardens. With the rising cruelty of human beings towards the nature, including the increase in deforestation and global warming, these animals lose their way and come to surface in search of food and shelter. Especially, during the monsoon season.

Although snakes are the sign of a healthy Eco-system, no one likes to encounter these poisonous being at any circumstances. One of the common place for these reptiles to hide is under a bike, as the space is cold and dark.

Yes, in many instances, reptiles have often been found resting under vehicles. Therefore, it is important for all the riders to take a quick look into their bikes before riding it.

Recently, such a video has gone viral on the Internet and has left netizens in horror. Shared on Instagram by ‘Masoom Care Foundation’ the video has garnered more than 4 million views so far.

Take a look:

Although the place of the incident is unknown, the NGO shared the visual of how any ride could be one’s last ride. Many organizations have frequently pulled out campaigns stating how important it is to check the vehicle before riding it. It is not only to take care of your own safety but also to make sure to nor end up harming an innocent being.

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