Astonishing! Woman sweeper at bank becomes Assistant General Manager at SBI

When there is a will, there is a way. This has been proved by one Pratiksha Tondwalkar of Pune who use to sweep floors in a bank before becoming Assistant General Manager at SBI. However, this is not an over night success for Pratiksha, infact it is the result of her deades of struggles and hard work.

Reportedly, Pratiksha got married at the age of 17 and lost her husband when she was just 20 years old. It was hard for her to find work due to her lack of proper education. Hence, she started working as a sweeper in SBI to support her family.

Amid the hard life, Pratiksha made a right decision to complete her education and earn a degree. After proving her dedication, she was then promoted from a ‘Safai Karmachari (Sweeper)’ to a clerk. However, the process did not stop here, as later she was promoted to Scale 4 officer, then to CGM and finally to AGM.

Due to Pratiksha’s determination, dedication and sincere hard work, the State Bank of India has also honored her for her outstanding achievements.

With her own money, she then enrolled herself into a night college at Vikhroli in Mumbai, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in the year 1995. Pratiksha claims to have received full support from her colleagues for her higher studies.

After completing her graduation, Pratiksha was promoted to the post of bank clerk. And after years of working at SBI, she now helms the position of AGM. Now, Pratiksha is on the edge of her retirement, as in only two years she complete her successful 37-year career with SBI.

Although, Pratiksha’s job life has to come to an end, she still has a long way to go. In 2021, the AGM graduated from a naturopathy program, and after her retirement she plans to use her education to help others.

In a country where the banking profession is dominated by men, Pratiksha’s extraordinary story is an inspiration to many. Usually, working women become a victim of social oppression, as they have to work harder to take care of their families and progress in their careers in comparison to men. This is the reason why Pratiksha is being praised for her success.

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