Are you Scared of Coronavirus while Riding Vehicles: Use the Following Safety Tips


Bhubaneswar: The local transport system is generally based on two-wheelers and cars. At a time like now when coronavirus is spreading throughout the country, preventive measures should be taken not to get infected by Coronavirus while riding a vehicle. The following measures must be in your mind while you ride a bike or car during this period.

Simple steps in order to avoid spreading of coronavirus while in car

  1. Use the Vaccum cleaner in order to clean the dust and dirt inside the vehicle.
  2. Try cleaning the mats, floor, door holder, dashboard and the interior which can be cleaned with spirits.
  3. Clean the steering with alcohol-based spirit.
  4. The air-filters in the ventilator of the car should be cleaned regularly.
  5. Try to keep hand sanitizer, wipes, face mask and gloves in the glovebox of the car.

When it comes to travelling two-wheeler is the lifeline of India’s majority of the population. So it is very important to keep the bike germ free before using it. Bikes are more vulnerable than cars as they are usually parked in open parking lots. Chances of the bike being touched by suspected COVID-19 carriers might be a major reason for contamination of the disease.

Simple steps in order to avoid spreading of coronavirus while riding a bike or post riding 

  1. Clean the handlebars and seat with sanitizer before and after a ride.
  2. Clean the helmet with sanitizer at least once a day.
  3. While on a ride, try not to touch your face.
  4. After a ride is over, wash your hands with soap/handwash or use sanitiser to clean them.

These simple steps can easily prevent coronavirus from spreading. Stay safe and ride safe.

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