American Citizen? Still you need a visa to visit this city in the USA

THIS city of America is famous for a peculiar reason and you will also be surprised to know the reason for this

Every city around the world has a history and tradition of its own. Each of them is special for a specific reason. However, there is one such city that is unique for a strange reason. America’s Point Roberts is a city of surprises.

Very few people know about this city and Americans cherish its authenticity. What is more surprising is that albeit being part of the country, it is not in America.

A visa is required to visit this city

This American city is completely cut off from its country which is why even the people of the country need a passport to cross the international border. Whereas, others need a visa.

In fact, Americans have to go to Canada first and then cross the border to come to Point Roberts to come to their own city. Due to this, this city is also known as the Payne-Exclave of America.

Payne-Exclave is that part of a country, where one has to cross the border of another country to visit.

Only 1300 people live in this country

You can come to this city by boat, ship or car and the population of this city is not much. According to media reports, in the 2010 census, only 1300 people live in Point Roberts.

According to an article in BBC, is a forested rural community, home to almost 1,300 full-time residents, hundreds of bald eagles and a few pods of killer whales who summer here.

One strange rule of this city is that residents aren’t allowed to bring in whole tomatoes, but sliced ones are fine. Hence, travelers are prohibited from bringing fresh tomatoes of any variety into this city in the United States. Apparently, this is to protect US agriculture from pests and diseases.

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