Afghanistan Minister now an Uber driver in Washington DC

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the Afghan finance minister Khalid Payenda is now driving an Uber in Washington DC to support his family.

Payenda also works as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and occasionally speaks at think-tanks.

Khalid Payenda, who has joined the gig economy, said the work had made a huge difference in his life: “I feel incredibly grateful for it. It means I don’t have to be desperate.” Payenda told The Washington Post that he holds the Americans responsible for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. After two decades of conflict, the United States withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021.

Payenda resigned as finance minister a week before the Taliban seized Kabul, as his relationship with Ghani deteriorated. Fearing the president would have him arrested, he left for the US, where he joined his family.


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