Adorable! Cute elephant celebrates birthday in viral video, Internet is in awe

Tamil Nadu: In a cute video that has gone viral, devotees are seen celebrating the adored temple elephant Akila’s birthday. It can be seen in the video that the Trichy elephant is so happy in her birthday bash.

Akila is a temple elephant at the Arulmigu Jambukeswar temple in Tiruchirappalli of Tamil Nadu. The devotees at temple garnered happiness for Akila on her birthday. Akila can be seen being adored so much in the now-viral video.

On Akila’s birthday, devotees gussied up her in a purple cloth and garlands. They laid out many fruits, which she munched happily. Following this, the crowd sang a happy birthday for her. Akila responded to the joy with her cutesy.

We know how incredibly friendly elephants are. They are so gentle and kind by nature. Elephants are highly sensitive and caring animals.

As per an instagramer, @iamkamyabuch in her post of Akila in Instagram, says that elephants are great friend of humans and worshipped in our indigenous culture as creatures of wisdom. The elephants are very intelligent and indeed.

It can be seen in the viral video, how responsive Akila is. She wobbles her head at the crown celebrated her birthday with so much of love.

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