A Spectacular Sight: A Scenic View Of Train Passing Through Lush Green Covers Of Konkan Wins Internet

India is considered as a country which is filled with lush green covers, snow-capped mountains and spectacular landscapes. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, our country never falls short in mesmerising travellers. And when it comes to travel, Indian Railways act as a lifeline for the majority of the country’s population.

The Ministry of Railways has shared a picture on twitter where a train is seen passing through lush green covers of Konkan. The caption states that the picture was clicked at the scenic Harwada Railway Station in Karnataka.

The tweet even calls the picture as ‘a spectacular sight’.

The Harwada Railway Station is located in Karwar district of Karnataka along the Konkan coast. The picture has gone viral and has received 130 retweets and 1400 likes. The twitterati were fascinated by the beauty of the picture. A user said ‘’ What a beautiful scene…” while other wrote ‘’ Bahut saandar drishya hai”.

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