9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber is a widely-cultivated creeping vine plant that grows up with supporting frames wrapping around with spiralling tendrils. Scientifically cucumber refers to plants in the genera ‘Echinocystis’ and originate from South Asia.

Cucumbers consist of 95% water used for food & medicinal purposes since ancient times and results in innumerable health benefits.

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Here Are Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Cucumber:

1. GOOD FOR HYDRATION: Cucumbers contain electrolytes mostly of water and prevent dehydration in hot weather from the summer heat. Staying hydrated is essential for avoiding kidney stones, maintaining a healthy intestine and prevents constipation etc.

2. REGULATES BLOOD PRESSURE:  Cucumbers are rich in source of magnesium, potassium and dietary fibre that reduces sodium-induced water retention and thus lower blood pressure.

3. GOOD FOR DIGESTION: Cucumbers contain soluble fibre that improves gut health, makes our stools soft, prevents constipation and keeps our bowel movements regular.

4. SKINCARE: Cucumber is safe for most people to use on the skin that reduces dry skin and blackheads. A cucumber face pack can help cool and soothe the skin and reduce swelling and irritation.

5. BONE HEALTH: Cucumber contains 19.9 milligrams of calcium and vitamin K nutrients that contribute to good bone health.

6. SOOTHES EYES: Cucumber slices on keeping for about 10 mins relaxes and reduces puffiness around the eyes.

7. BAD BREATH: Cucumber consists of phytochemicals that destroy the bacteria in our mouth that cause bad breath.

8. CANCER: Cucumbers contain high levels of bitter-tasting nutrients known as cucurbitacin that possess anti-cancer properties and protects against colorectal cancer.

9. CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Cucumber is a source of potassium and magnesium that can help manage cholesterol level and prevent related cardiovascular problems.


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