8 amazing rare bird photos shot at Sattal Lake in Nainital

During “a memorable trip to the birders delights: Sattal and Pangoot” in Uttarakhand, Odisha based wildlife photographer Pradeep Sutar caged these mesmerizing pics

Bhubaneswar: The Sattal Lake or the Sat Tal in the Lower Himalayan Range near Bhimtal in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand is truly a birders’ delight. Bhubaneswar based wildlife photographer Pradeep Sutar lately visited this awesome destination to cage a couple of rare birds in his camera lens. The shutterbug went to Sattal and Pangoot to click photos of some rare birds. In a tete-e-tete, he narrated his experience of the trip. Excerpts:

Pradeep said: In the last five years I have visited many bird sanctuaries in the haunt of clicking photos. However, my last photo Tour with Indian Photo Tours (IPT) to the Sattal Lake and Pangoot was the most memorable one.

Brown-fronted woodpecker:
Brown-fronted woodpecker

Sattal is a small town in Uttarakhand adjacent to Nainital and Pangoot is a small village 13km away from Nainital situated at 6300 feet of the sea level.

Cinereous tit
Cinereous tit

On June 19, 2019, I flew to New Delhi. Next day morning I joined with the IPT team at New Delhi Railway station. We were 14 photographers including IPT crew and our beloved mentor Mr. Dheeraj Paul.

Grey-breasted prinia:
Grey-breasted prinia

We boarded Satabdi Express and disembarked at the Kathgodam station, popularly known as the gateway of Uttarakhand. From there we proceeded to a beautiful resort situated in a core forest at Sattal. It took around 90 minutes to reach there.

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The Resort was amazing surrounded by lush green forest. From your balcony only can find 10 to 15 species of Himalayan birds roaming around you. We stayed there for three days and got the chance to capture photos of varieties of Himalayan birds.

Grey-headed woodpecker:
Grey-headed woodpecker

From Sattal we moved to Pangoot, a small village. The place is surrounded by pine forest. It took around 30 minutes to reach there from Bhawali.

Oriental White-eye:
Oriental White-eye

In Pangoot you can find affordable and good accommodations. The place is known as birders delights. You can find 150 species of Himalayan birds in and around Pangoot. Government of Uttarakhand has declared this zone as Pangot Kilbury birds’ sanctuary.

Yellow nape woodpecker:
Sattal Lake
Yellow nape woodpecker

We stayed for three days at Pangoot and clicked photos of around 25 species of Himalayan birds.

Grey-headed canary-flycatcher:
Sattal Lake
Grey-headed canary-flycatcher

My Pangoot birding experience was memorable. I sincerely thank IPT for arranging such amazing and delightful birding tours. And a special thanks to our mentor Mr. Dheeraj Paul for his priceless guidance and affection.

Pradeep Sutar
Wildlife photographer Pradeep Sutar
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