8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Watermelon is a tropical fruit grown in favorable climates worldwide that has juicy flesh from deep red to pink, sweet in taste and the black seeds with magical nutrients in it.

Watermelon, originally domesticated in Africa, is an amazing hydrating fruit that contains 92 percent of water and is enriched with minerals and vitamins.

The fruit can be eaten raw or pickled, and the rind is edible after cooking which boosts immunity and and helps to control blood sugar levels.

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Here are the amazing health benefits of Watermelon:

1. GOOD FOR SKIN HEALTH: Watermelon seeds are full of vitamin C, antioxidants and zinc nutrients that are essential for collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis act as a moisturizer which keeps your skin supple and slow down the aging process of skin because of its ability of protein synthesis, cell division and repair.

2. IMPROVES HEARTH HEALTH:  Watermelon seeds contains an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that prevents heart disease linked to fewer fatty deposits inside the blood vessels.The seed contains a high amount of magnesium that keeps your heart healthy and regulates normal blood pressure.

3. BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Watermelon is rich with iron and minerals that enhance body’s immune system and also contains   vitamin B that produce antibodies and protects from infections.

4. PREVENTS ASTHMA: Watermelon contains lycopene antioxidants that reduce asthma flare-ups and have a therapeutic effect on cold and flu and beneficial for asthmatic patients.

5. BOOSTS ENERGY: Watermelon has a good source of vitamin B which is low in calories and high in energy that helps to boost and maintain your energy from feeling tired after an exhausting day.

6. TREATS DIABETES:Watermelon was found to have anti-diabetic properties such as high glycemic load (the value by which a particular food will raise an individual’s blood glucose levels), and hence is suitable for diabetics.

7. OFFERS KIDNEY SUPPORT:Watermelons can be good sources of potassium compared to most other foods. Individuals suffering from chronic kidney disease need to stick to lower-potassium fruit like watermelon.

8. PROMOTES SEXUAL HEALTH: The amino acid citrulline in watermelon relaxes and dilates the blood vessels and improves erection hardness in men suffering from mild erectile dysfunction.

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