7th Pay Commission: Central employees’ salary increased tremendously for 3 months

Who knew in just three months such a big change would be seen in the fortunes of the central employees. The dearness allowance (DA) which the central employees are getting is only 17 percent. It has now increased to 31 percent.

This means that from small employees working in the centre to big officers, there has been a 14 percent increase in dearness allowance. Now everyone is calculating that after all these, how much money has increased in their salary. So that they can take comfort in the fact that they are getting what they lost in the Covid period.

If we talk about those employees whose minimum basic salary is Rs 18,000, then after the new announcement i.e. after 31 percent DA, the DA will be Rs 5580 per month. Whereas three months ago, the employees were getting dearness allowance of Rs 3060 per month at the rate of 17 per cent, this means that during this period there will be an increase of Rs 2520 per month in the dearness allowance of the employees. If you look at it annually, then the increase will be Rs 30,240.

How much will be the benefit to those who get the maximum basic, on the same talk about such officers whose monthly basic is Rs 56,900, then according to the new dearness allowance i.e. 31 percent, they will get Rs 17639 per month. While this rate was 17 percent for three months, at that time dearness allowance in rupees was getting Rs 9673 per month. This means that the dearness allowance has increased by Rs 7966 per month in these three months. If you try to see it on an annual basis, then there has been an increase of Rs 95,592.

(Sources: jansatta.com)

  1. Krishna Kumar P S says

    Shameful to use words like tremendously fortune for a 3% hike in DA, which is a routine exercise every six months, based on CPI….you are giving it a colour as if we all have become crorepatis….No one is getting fooled or taken in by your stunts!!

    1. Narmadha Murugesh says

      Well said and absolutely right

  2. S.k.Jena says

    It must be told how tremendously joblessness & inflation , petrol/diesel & edible oil rate increasing in These medias have lost significance currently diverted from ethical reporting & now become lap sitting media which is against public interest.

  3. S.k.Jena says

    It must be told how tremendously joblessness, inflation,petrol, diesel,edible oil rate increasing in proportion to DA increase.What relief about common man.Biased reporting lost significance & against public interest.

  4. Narmadha Murugesh says

    Well said and absolutely right

  5. Bapi Acharjee says

    Nonsense only people are getting jobless

  6. Vijay Kumar says

    The DA was due for the past 20 months and the Govt declared all three at a time no government official is speaking about the arrears from Jan 2020. Here the Govt employees are getting 11% DA and the price of essential commodities have gone high to 35%

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