72-Feet Wide Portal To Hell Opens In California Lake with spinning vortex effect

A terrifying 72-feet-wide spinning vortex called the portal to hell or the hell-hole has opened up in a lake in California’s eastern Napa Valley once again.

The vortex is commonly known as ‘Glory Hole’ too.

The opening of the giant 72-feet-wide hole took place after water levels in Lake Berryessa in eastern Napa Valley, California, got too high. Now, the excess water can whirlpool into the huge hole and create the spectacular spinning vortex effect.

A 72-feet-wide and 245-feet-long tunnel works as a drain hole whenever the water level rises above 15.5 ft. It swallows over 48,000 cubic feet of water per second.

In 2017, hundreds of spectators gathered at the lake to witness the portal to hell opening up from the concrete ledge.

The hell-hole made headlines in March 2022 once again when a duck reportedly fell into it. However, reports claim that the bird survived.

In 1997, a woman named Emily Schwalek passed away after falling into the vortex. The woman reportedly swam towards the cement structure and clung to the rim for nearly 20 minutes before falling into the hell-hole.


If water levels in the reservoir get too high, the excess water can whirlpool into a gigantic hole. The 72-feet-wide, 245-feet-long tunnel functions as a drain hole, swallowing approximately 48,000 cubic feet of water per second when the lake rises above 15.5 feet. The phenomenon creates a spectacular spinning vortex effect.

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