7 Proven Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, commonly known as ‘Pitaya’, is a tropical fruit with a vibrant red skin and sweet, seed pulp which refers to fruit of the genus ‘Stenocereus’ family. It is often considered a “superfood” and tastes like a combination of a Kiwi and a Pear.

It has become popular ingredient in drinks, fruit salads, desserts, snacks packed with full of nutrients and has numerous health benefits.

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Here are some of the amazing health benefits of dragon fruit:

1. FIGHTS CHRONIC DISEASES: Dragon fruit is rich in source of beta-carotene and lycopene antioxidants that neutralizes free radicals and prevents cell damage and inflammation. It also helps to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other heart disease.

2. CONTROLS DIABETES: Dragon fruit contains high amounts of fiber that helps to balance blood sugar levels and prevent suffering from diabetes.

3. IMPROVES DIGESTION: Dragon fruit is packed with fiber that aids in smooth digestion and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Dragon fruit contains carotenoids and vitamin C that boosts your immunity and defend your white blood cells against harm.

5. SUPPORTS HEALTHY HAIR: Dragon fruit has a great source of nutrients that improves hair texture, reduces hair damage, and keeps it soft and shiny.

6. SUPPORTS BONE HEALTH: Dragon fruit is rich in source of magnesium that aid in stronger bones, avoids injuries, joint pain and so forth.

7. AVOIDS ACNE: Dragon fruit is rich in source of vitamin C that can moisturize sunburned skin, becomes a great topical ointment and release heat from the affected area.



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