5 Rupees Note Can Fetch You Rs 30,000, Here’s How

Most of us are looking for a chance to get some quick cash. Here’s a chance for you to earn as much as Rs 30,000 without doing anything if you have an old Rs 5 note. This may sound strange but it is absolutely true.

In order to get Rs 30,000 in exchange of the 5 rupee note, you need not to do anything great or have to go anywhere. All you need to do is visit a website to check the best rates.

As you will get a quick cash there are certain conditions which you must know before exchanging the old and rare 5 rupees note.

The Rs 5 note, which is issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), should have a picture of a tractor. It becomes extremely rare if number 786 is written on it.

You can visit the website coinbazzar.com where the old and rare notes are bought and sold. You can exchange your old 5 rupees note.

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How to sell old Rs 5 note online:

  • First of all, visit the official website coinbazzar.com
  • Now register yourself as a seller.
  • After registering yourself you need to upload the photo of your 5 rupees note on the website.
  • Those who are searching for such notes and are interested will contact you after seeing your 5 rupees note on the website. You can sell the note after finalizing the deal.

(Note: This is a piece of information issued in the public interest and we have nothing to do with the transactions affairs. Please Google for further details)

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  1. Mahesh says

    I have 5rupis note

    1. Subho says

      Same note ha mara pass

      1. Naresh Sahu says

        I have 4 notes of 5 rs

        1. Narashimhamurthy Narashimhamurthy says

          Fivropees for selling

          1. Tularam horijon says

            I have 5 rupees note sell 1

          2. Hukamsingh says

            Hi mari pase 5 ₹ pay ka note ha

        2. Golu Kumar says

          Mere pass h

    2. Naresh Ram says

      Sell for rs5

    3. जगत राज पटेल says

      Mere pass bhi hai or to 2 hai thumhe lena hai

    4. Dudekula Jahuruddin says

      Ha mere paas bi 5rpee note tractor wala note hai

  2. Vikrant says

    Mere pass hain.

    1. Gorelal baghel says

      Mere pad he 5 ka not

    2. Tularam horijon says

      I have horijon 5 rupees note 1 pic sell

  3. VIKRAM says


    1. Ashok says

      I have 5rupee note any one purchase

    2. SK Rafi says

      Mere pass 5 rupees note 1 rupees note Vishnu Devi 5rupees coin hai

  4. Murali says

    I have 5 rs note if any one need let me

    1. REYAZ MALLICK says

      I have 5 rupes not 786

    2. Pradeep Das says

      I have 5rupees note I sell

  5. Vishwanath Ojha says

    5 rupees hai

  6. N. Ramakrishna says

    I am not English Hindi language Telugu 1 rupee 5 rupees coins are 10 rupees notes I am chef sailor waiting se link waiting

  7. Abdulamar says

    I have 5 rupee note

  8. Ramiush m sangma says

    I have 5rs and 500 rs any one want purchase you can drop the number on in this comment

    1. Abbas khan says

      I’have 5 ruppes note please pursue

      1. Vikesh Badode says

        Mere pas bhi hai tractor vala note

    2. Nani says

      5 rupees trocteor note sale

  9. Rajiv Kumar says

    Mara pash vi 5rupesh ka tractar bala note ha

  10. B suresh says

    Yes I have

  11. Avinash Singh says

    I have two nos. Rs.5 notes. With tractor print. Intrested person contact.

  12. Narashimhamurthy Narashimhamurthy says

    Fivropees note for selling

  13. Javid says

    I have 5 rupee note

  14. Bivas Mondal says

    I have Rs. 5 note with tractor & Rs. 2 coin with national integration issued 1998 and willing to sell. Mobile 9830992566

  15. Dhiraj Kumar Singh says

    Mere paas tractor wala 3 5 ka note hai uska Kya bhai lu hai mere number per WhatsApp karke batao ji

  16. Shantanu maity says

    I have 5 rupia note, Tractor Pic here in this note.. I want sale this my contact number 8420442418, Note number 53N 648788, Its markect price 15,00,000. but i sale only Rs. 5,00,000. Please contact with me who buy

  17. Armod Uikey says

    Mere pass 500 ka puarana note hai market price 10.00000000 but 5.00000000 me sell kar dunga 2009 or 2013 ka or 1 rupye ka note bhi hai 2017 ka kisi ko chaiye kya

    1. Gorelal baghel says

      Mere pad 5 ka not he 30000 me Dr dunga 9826732451 par call Leo

  18. Satyam says

    I have this 5 Rupee old currency
    But only 1 ok

    1. Satyam Dubey says

      I have this 5 Tupee old currency but only 1 ok tume chiye tho instagram pe Message karo ok user name hai winning_technology
      User name All wards are small ok

  19. Ronald says

    I have a few r500 old notes , want to sell it

  20. Ronald says

    I have these r500 notes , contact me , 0653854550 cell, south africa

  21. Bachan Singh says

    Mere paas 5ka purana not h
    Jiska Last serial nb.421 h
    Contact me 7500763187

  22. Tanmoy biswas says

    I have 5 rupes note

  23. Sanjay mathur says

    I am having some Rs 5/- old notes with tractor printed, may contact to purchse at my contact no 9300350545.

  24. Fardeen says

    Governor RN malhotra 5 rupees note with tractor serial A contact me if anyone wants… Also have a 5 rupees note with sign.of bimal jalan contact me in this.. 6397942086

  25. Prasad says

    I have 5 ruppes tractor note

  26. Nitish Dusadh says

    I have 5 rupees note can

  27. Grandhi Lakshmi narasimha prasad says

    I possess 890 notes of 5 rupee tractor print to sell
    If you give whatsapp I can up load photos for consideraration

  28. Gautam says

    I have 5 rupee tractor print to sell if you call me my nabar 7201931660

  29. Bimal kumar says

    Sell old 5rs note

  30. Kishor bhave says

    I have 5 rupees note

  31. Varaprasad says

    Hii, I have 1,2,5,10 notes and American notes and other countries notes

  32. Upwan says

    I have 5 Rs note with holy number786 want to sell. Contact no.9835166075.

  33. Adhilaxmi Nadar says

    I also have a two 5 rupees 1st note no.98T 552912
    2nd note no. 26C 629809

  34. Vikrant says

    I also have a one 5rupees note.
    Serial no. 77C 364972

  35. Uttam dey says

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  37. Amit says

    I have sell my Rs.5 note ( 10 quantity)

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