5 health benefits of drinking beer

What many would not know is that limited consumption of beer can also benefit your health in quite a number of ways.

Among alcohols of all type, Beer is the most popular and most consumed beverage. Beer contains less alcohol percentage than other hard liquors.

We all know that excessive consumption of beer can have adverse effects on out health. But what many would not know is that limited consumption of beer can also benefit your health in quite a number of ways. Read to know more:

1) Beer for Healthy heart

As per many studies, moderate intake of beer prevents several cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, Homocysteine is a type of amino acid that is present in beer. This constituent helps in thinning of blood, subsequently removing clots from coronary arteries. Beer aids to improved cholesterol count in the body. An adequate amount also reduces inflammation.

It is to be strictly noted that overconsumption of beer can also increase chances of stroke and other heart diseases.

2) Prevents Kidney Stones

Another health benefit of beer is that it can also prevent kidney stones. Beer has high water content in it which removes all the toxins from the body. This helps the kidneys to function properly. Moderate amount of beer has also proven to slow down calcium release from bones, preventing chances of kidney stone formation.

3) Helps in Anaemia

Beer has nutritional components like Vitamin B12 and folic acid. These components help in treating anemia. Apart from that these components in beer can also help in improved brain power and memory.

4) Improved Brain functioning

One very notable health benefit of drinking beer is improved brain functioning. Beer improves brain power and it’s functioning by reducing cholesterol and improving blood supply to the brain. According to studies, people who drink beer have a 23 percent lesser risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s, memory loss, or dementia.

5) Beer for Teeth, Hair, and Skin

Moderate consumption of beer reduces tooth decay and other problems in teeth by reducing bacterial formation in the mouth. In addition to this, beer is also rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is considered gold for the skin. It is believed to slow the process of aging and gives glowing skin. Beer has yeast and Vitamin B as well which helps in getting rid of dandruff, making hair smooth and shiny.



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