42 Schools run on Sundays in this block in Odisha

Sunday is regarded as the weekly off day everywhere. May it be the government sector or the private sector, the usual weekly holiday is Sunday. However, in the Ghasipura block of Keonjhar district in Odisha, the scene is different.

At least 42 schools of an education circle under this block run on Sundays. Of course, these schools run for six days a week. Their weekly off day is Monday.

As per the locals, this arrangement is prevalent in this area since long. Interestingly, the State Mass education department has issued directives in this regard.

At times different senior officials of the education department have tried to change the system.  However, the students, their parents, teachers, and locals have supported the arrangement. Even the matter has been tried in the Court of Law on several occasions. Yet, the locals have come out successful to continue the arrangement.

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Sunday has been declared as a holiday both by the Centre and the State government.  Yet in the Deogan Education Circle under Ghasipura block of Keonjhar district 42 schools remain open on Sundays.

When going from Sailong chowk on NH 20, one can see that all the schools are open on Sundays and students are in the Classes. Locals opine that the arrangement has been made since the pre-independence time.

Sibaprasad Sahoo, a resident of Ghasipura block says, “The reason behind this arrangement is Lord Kushalaeswara Mahadev and the weekly market of Deogan. It is said that since the time of Keonjhar King Jajati Keshari the weekly haat of Deogan has been running on Mondays. Hence, people in this area are busy in marketing on Mondays. That is the most probable reason for this arrangement.”

Nobody knows when this arrangement was started. However, the locals, students, and teachers are in support of the Sunday school arrangement. They are happy about it.

Another local Madan Mohan Pati said, “Government rules are made for the convenience of the public. However, if a different arrangement is convenient for the people in a particular area, then it does not need to be changed. Again, if the system will be changed the locals would be in trouble. Hence, there is no need for changing this rule. Besides, as per government guidelines here, the Schools run for six days a week. Hence there is no violation of any Government rule.

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