22/02/2022, Palindrome and Ambigram, Know its significance

Today’s date is doubly rare as it’s not just a palindrome but an ambigram as well. The rare date falls on Tuesday, prompting the people to call it Twosday.

The date is called a symmetrical or palindrome because the numbers read the same backward and forward.

There is no historical significance, but the number 2 will take place again after 200 years.

The last time a palindrome date took place was on 11 January 2011, and the next time will happen again after 11 years that is on March 3, 2033.

“Today is both a palindrome and an ambigram. This means it can be read backward and forwards as well as upside down. This may be my most useful tweet ever. Good day,” tweeted Ed Solomon, writer.

There are 12 palindrome days in the 21st century in the mm-dd-yyyy format with the first one on October 2, 2001 (10-02-2001), while the last one will fall on a leap day! 29 February 2092 (29-02-2092) will be the last palindromic day of the 21st century.

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