Study confirms alcohol increases risk of cancer

A recent study has confirmed that alcohol causes cancer. However, many people still remain unaware of the fact.

It is widely accepted that alcohols of all type come with some or the other health benefit. But it is less known that alcohol causes cancer. All alcoholic beverages, including wine, increase the risk of cancer. The same can be said for all beverages that have ethanol content in it. These include wine, beer, liquor, among others. Consumption of alcohol has been linked to seven types of cancers so far. The cancer types include cancers of the breast, mouth and colon.

A recent study said that alcohol is one of the leading risk factors for cancer in the US. Andrew Seidenberg from National Cancer Institute said that previous researches have shown that most of the people do not know that alcohol causes cancer. The team that conducted the study found that awareness of the alcohol-cancer link was found to be highest for liquor, with only 31.2 per cent of people being aware of the risk. This was followed by beer with 24.9 per cent people knowing about it and then wine with 20.3 per cent.

William MP Klein, Associate Director, National Cancer Institute’s for Behavioral Research Programme, said that all types of alcoholic beverages, including wine, increase cancer risk. The findings of the study show the urgency of educating the people about the cancer risks of alcohol use. He further said that educating the public about how alcohol induces the risk for cancer will not only help consumers to make more wise decisions, but will also prevent and decrease excessive alcohol consumption, as well as number pf deaths due to cancer.

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