Children with obesity might have cognitive impairment

Children with obesity are likely to face a lot of health and brain related issues. Parents can help their kids in many ways.

Obesity is that condition which occurs when someone has an excess of weight or body fat, which affects their overall health. In medical terms, a person will be considered obese if their BMI index shows high. Researchers say that children with obesity aged between 7-10, are likely to have impairment in the brain, along with degraded white matter.

Impairments as such, affect the cognitive control of the brain, lack in finding motivation, and face difficulty in decision-making. Simone Kaltenhauser, Ph.D. study author at Yale University says that Increased BMI and weight are not only associated with physical health consequences but are also related to brain health. She further said that studies have shown that higher weight and BMI z-scores in 9- and 10-year-olds were associated with changes in macrostructures, microstructures, and functional connectivity that worsened brain health.

As said by experts, in trying to encourage children with managing weight issues and losing weight, the continuous negative stigma that remains linked with being overweight or obese can prove to be harmful to the kids more than helping them. Parents whose children deal with obesity and other weight issues should focus more on getting their kids to have a healthy life routine, rather than making them stick to a stringent calorie count. Children learn a lot from their parents. Parents can also join their kids in advancing towards adapting healthy life choices and lifestyles.

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