Worship Goddess Laxmi on Sharad Purnima for wealth

Sharad Purnima falls on the full moon day in the bright fortnight in the month of Aswina. On this day the moon is believed to have been filled with all the 16 kalas.

This year Sharad Purnima is falling on October 9, 2022. It is believed that on this day, the moonlight bears the value of elixir (amrit). Sharad Purnima is also known as Jagrat purnima.

On this day devotees worship Goddess Laxmi and the moon God and later have a glimpse of the moon. It is believed that by doing so people get blessed with wealth.

Here are the good times of Sharad Purnima.

This year’s Sharad Purnima will fall on October 9, 2022. The lagna will commence from 3.41 am. It will continue till 2.25 am of October 10, 2022.

On this day the moonrise time will be 5.58 pm in the evening.

Good time to worship: 9th October 7.03 pm to 8.26 pm of 10th October.

Benefits of worship on Sharad Purnima:

It is believed that many physical ailments get cured by sitting under the moonlight on Sharad Purnima night. It is also beneficial for cold related persons.

Looking at the moon on Sharad Purnima night even cures eye related problems.

By worshipping the moon God on Sharad Purnima, girls get husband as per their choice.

Cook khir, and keep it under the moonlight on Sharad Purnima night. Consume it on the following day. It is believed that it cures many diseases.

By chanting hymns to woo Goddess Laxmi on the night of Sharad Purnima blesses with wealth. During this worship offer pink flowers, perfume etc. to the Goddess to please her.

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