Woman spends whole property to fulfil last wish of husband in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj: Watch

11 years post death of her hubby, Basanti Ghosh completed construction of a temple that was inaugurated on last January 31

In a rare incident a woman has spent almost all her property to fulfil the last wish of her deceased husband. She finally succeeded to complete the construction of a temple that was inaugurated on last January 31, 2023. The incident took place in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.

Prahllad Ghosh and his wife Basanti Ghosh were living in the Sabara Sahi of Baripada. In the year 2012 the couple thought of constructing a temple dedicated to Lord Shree Ram. They decided to construct the temple at their native place in Poda Astia village on the outskirts of Baripada under Shyamakhunta Block of the district.

Accordingly, in the same year the temple construction work was initiated. The expense towards the construction was completely borne by the couple.

Unfortunately, in the year 2018 Prahllad passed away. However, by then the progress of the temple construction work was only twenty per cent.

Following death of her beloved husband, Basanti got completely disheartened. Yet, with time she consoled herself and decided to complete the last wish of her husband. She wanted to restart the temple construction work. However, then the Corona virus pandemic surfaced and everything including construction work was stopped .

Afterwards, after the lock down was lifted and construction works were allowed, the said temple construction work was again initiated. However, by this time Basanti had not abundant money. However, she decided not to stop the temple construction work. She sold almost all her properties to collect fund for the temple. Finally, the last wish of her husband was fulfilled. The temple construction was completed.

Finally on January 31 recently, the foundation ceremony of the temple was executed with all the rituals performed. A few other gentlemen of the village also helped her in this work.

In mythology, we have come across tales of sacrifices by women for their husbands. However, a similar incident in this modern time seems very much inspiring.


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