Wildlife photographer captures breathtaking images of highly elusive snow leopard, follow these measures while trekking

Wildlife photographers risk their lives and brave some daunting terrains to click some breathtaking images of the wildlife. Thanks to the internet, people sitting at home now can view such stunning images. Some such images are now doing round after US-based wildlife photographer Kittiya Pawlowski posted them on her Instagram handle.

As per her Instagram post, Kittiya Pawlowski trekked over 165 kilometres to capture breathtaking images of a highly elusive snow leopard. She had to get ready at 4 AM and climb the Himalayas to capture some elusive creature in some stunning backdrops that shows a snow leopard sitting atop a “field of ice pinnacles called Phantom Alley” in Khumbu glacier in Nepal.

“A snow leopard sits atop a chasm above a field of ice pinnacles called Phantom Alley. October 9, the full moon washed the icy Himalayan peaks in ghostly light, obviating the need for a headlamp. Overnight, flurries of fine snow particles filled the air, soaking my sleeping bag in icy dew. Snow leopards are most active around dawn and dusk. At around 4 A.M. I put on my boots and set out. The night had a cold, phantasmal beauty. With 25 pounds of camera gear, I headed Northeast of Gorak Shep and crossed a frozen lakebed. The snowy mountain slopes glittered like they were sown with diamonds,” she wrote while sharing the fantastic images that have earned praise for her across the globe.


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In another Instagram post, Pawlowski shared some stunning images of the snow leopard amid Mount Everest and Mount Pumori. “After backpacking through Earth’s most forbidding terrain, lung-starving altitudes, soaring peaks, and high deserts – this was the most difficult and rewarding set of photos I’ve ever taken,” she wrote.


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Setting out for such trekking, and that too in the Himalayas is not as easy as it seems to be. One has to take several precautionary measures before going on such an adventure trip.

Here are some of the precautionary measures that may help you:

  • You need to have a proper plan for your trip
  • You need to dress appropriately to get adapted to the circumstances.
  • You must know your route thoroughly so that you do not get missed.
  • You need to begin trekking early to return before it gets dark.
  • You need to maintain distance from the wild animals so that you do not get harmed.
  • You need to take care of the nature and should not damage anything intentionally.
  • You also should carry the first aid kit as it may be needed at any time.
  • You must inform your most trusted person about your plans and where you are going so that they can help if you face any problem.
  • Above all, you need to undergo some training sessions to know and learn more about such trekking.
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