Why is solar eclipse harmful for eyes?


We are often warned to not look directly at a solar eclipse because it will damage our vision. But why is solar eclipse harmful for eyes?

According to experts, viewing the Sun with the naked eye can damage the retina, which is the part of the eye that captures the light that enters our eyes and forms images.

This can result in either temporary or permanent blindness. As a result, it is recommended to wear sunglasses while viewing an eclipse.

However, it is not entirely true that viewing an eclipse with the naked eye will cause instant damage.

American space agency NASA says that a mere look at an eclipse will not cause any harm. According to them, the damage comes with prolonged viewing of the eclipse.

Even though 99% of the Sun gets covered during an eclipse, the 1% that is not covered has plenty of light that can affect vision if looked at for a long period.

Since the retina has no pain receptors, there are no immediate symptoms or pain in the eyes. Hence, it is hard to tell whether you have been affected by eclipse blindness or not.

As the injury is limited to the central part of your visual field, one might notice a blurred spot in the centre of their vision which makes it difficult to read.

There are no remedies for the injuries and it might take up to 3 months to heal.

Hence, to mitigate this problem, NASA suggests using eclipse glasses while viewing a solar eclipse to ensure the safety of your eyes.

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