Why 80 year old Jhampi Maa of Bhanjanagar bazar waited with a garland, watch

Bhanjanagar: Eighty year old Jhampi Maa was waiting at the Bhanjanagar Bazar with a garland in her hand recently. Everybody were astonished for whom she is waiting with the flower garland. Yet, after sometime a gentleman came along with his followers and this old woman put the garland on his neck.

Jhampi Maa is well known in Bhanjanagar, a major town in the Ganjam district of Odisha. The octogenarian lady is best known as an affectionate lady.

A few days ago she came to know that BJD leader Bikram Keshari Arukh will come to the market along with his visitors. She addresses him as ‘pua’ (son) because she thinks that Arukha is his son’s friend. She earns her living by selling lemons in the market. That day she spent money herself to buy a flower garland so that put it on Arukha, her son.

It is to be noted that these days election campaign is going on in full swing in Odisha. Both State level and national level political leaders are visiting different cities and towns of the State to do public meeting, road show etc. to seek vote. Bikram Keshari Arukha being a top political leader in the State is also campaigning.

That day, after some time he came to Bhanjanagar Bazar when his followers helped the old lady to reach near Arukh. She went near Arukha and put the garland on him. Everybody who were present there including Arukh got emotional. He also honoured the old lady by presenting her an ‘Uttariya’ and sough her blessings. And everybody became happy to witness this happy moment.

Jhampi Maa don’t know anything about politics, election and related things. In fact, she has nothing to do with this. Yes, she is getting the old age allowance and reportedly also has a ration card. Of course, she does not solely depend upon this. She sells lemon in the market for a living. Yet, her love for the BJD leader has become a subject of discussion in the local area.

Watch the video here:

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