Weak river embankment pose threat to Odisha’s Jajpur, watch

Revenue and Disaster Management Minister Pramila Mallik has said that extensive measures are being taken by the government and administration to deal with the floods.

Jajpur: Various river embankments of Jajpur district in Odisha are now reportedly in weak condition. Meanwhile, flood already has come in the Baitarani River and hence the people living on the banks of the river are worried.

Recently, a review meeting was held in which the District Collector assured that the administration is prepared to deal with the situation.

Major rivers such as Brahmani, Baitarani, Birupa and Kharasrota flow in Jajpur district. Every year these 4 rivers and their tributaries are flooded. However, it has been alleged that no advance action is taken by the water resources department ahead of the flood. Hence, floods cause havoc in the area.

In 2020, as many as 30 embankments got created in different dams of the district and extensive wealth was destroyed. This year also, the riverside people are spending their days in fear as various river dams are in weak condition.

On the other hand, the district administration informed that the first flood in the district was dealt properly. If any kind of unpleasant situation arises, then it will be dealt with, said the District Collector.

Monsoon rains have already started in the state. As a result, Brahmani, Kharasrota, Baitarani and Birupa rivers flowing in Jajpur district have flooded. The weather department has already predicted that the amount of rain will increase further.

Taking the above situations into account, it has been speculated that floods are more likely this year in this district. So the riverside people are worried over this. Due to weak river embankment in many parts of the district, there is a risk of breach of embankment this year.

Rain cut erosion and breaches have been created in the embankment of Baitarani River flowing through Dasarathpur block and Kharasrota river embankment flowing through Binjharpur block. And hence, the people of these riverside villages have got frightened expecting disaster due to flood.

Every year before the arrival of monsoon, the water resources department should identify the vulnerable riverbanks. However, the department is allegedly not taking this initiative in a proper way. And the result is that every year the riverside people are facing floods.

In 2020, a total of 5 ghai got created in the district, including a 300-foot one at the Duttapur. Besides, 24 breaches got formed in Brahmani and its tributaries Khasrota River and one in Birupa River causing extensive damage.

In 2021, a 50-foot ghai was formed in the Baitarani River at the Palha sahi in Kasapa panchayat under Dasarathpur block. Besides, 3 river breaches got created at Kantapada. As such the ghais that got created in the Bari and Binjharpur blocks were not repaired. Hence, flood waters entered many places and caused extensive damage.

In 2022, 4942 hectares of agricultural land of the panchayat was destroyed after a 150 feet ghai in Brahmachari Patna of Dasarathpur and a 50 feet ghai in Kantpada got created. Also, 15 hectares of agricultural land in the block was submerged due to this.

Similarly, on 22nd July 2014, a 2,000 feet ghai got created in the Baitarani River at Patapur of Dasarathpur Panchayat and created a challenge for the state government to deal with the flood.

On the other hand, Binjharpur MLA cum Revenue and Disaster Management Minister Pramila Mallik has said that extensive measures are being taken by the government and administration to deal with the floods.

As Dasarathpur area is constantly affected by floods, a mega drinking water project is being undertaken at Dobhabil. It is expected that this will protect the local residents from floods.

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