[Watch] 100-year-old man sells vegetable to meet the need of his Grandchildren

Harbans Singh from Moga in Punjab must be commended for his struggle at the age of 100 years to nourish his grandchildren. After the sad demise of one of his sons two years ago, this old man decided to work hard on the street for the family.

His other son, a fruit seller is reportedly lives somewhere else. And the wife of his deceased son abandoned her children following her husband’s death. Now, besides Harbans, there was no one else in the family to take care of the kids. Hence, this 100 year old strong man decided to venture to the road to pull the cart of potato and onion to earn livelihood for him and his grandchildren.

Harbans was reportedly born in 1920 at Sran Mughal Thane Wali village of Lahore. He was 27 years old when Pakistan was carved out of India. However, he preferred to migrate to India and live among his own community rather than converting to Islam.

Born in a Sikh family Harbans is selling vegetables for the last few decades but never depended on anybody for food.

“I am not afraid of death. It’s in the hands of God. I am still fit and will live for many more years,” Harbans says.

After his struggle was featured in social media, some people have shown their anxiety to help out him.

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