Valentine’s week full list 2023: Celebrate the 7 days of love

Valentine's day is around the corner, and the week ahead of it allows you to express your love to someone special in every way possible.

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and ahead of it, people are all set to celebrate the week of love. Seven days- seven ways to express love allows one to convey their true expression towards someone special. Especially those who are bad at showing their love, you can take the help of this list to know what to gift in what sequence in order for the other person to understand how you feel for them.

Here is the detailed list of dates and festivities for Valentine’s week:

Rose Day: Feb 7

Valentine’s week kick starts with Rose day on February 7. On this day, people give red, yellow, and pink roses to their loved ones based on their relationship with them. Flowers are considered one of the most delightful things to gift someone- whether it is to make someone feel special or to celebrate a happy moment. Red roses in particular are considered the symbol of love. Hence, people in love give roses to each other to express their love.

Propose day: Feb 8

Now that your rose is accepted, it is time to propose. February 8 is Propose Day, and people use the significance of this day to express their love verbally to that special someone. It is always nice to hear someone’s true feelings for you, so do not hesitate to be that ‘someone’ and make your partner feel special. The week is not reserved for those who are newly falling in love, those in long-term commitment can also celebrate it. Verbal confessions are always heart-touching. However, for those who are planning to put a ring on their romantic partner, the day is auspicious- go for it.

Chocolate Day: Feb 09

Chocolate day arrives to fill the sweetness in your relationship. Do not skip it if your partner is a chocoholic. The sweet delicacy makes every occasion special, so make sure to pamper your sweetheart with some sweet addiction.

Teddy day: Feb 10

Soft cuddly teddy bears are mostly popular among girls. So, if your girl is into these cute, fluffy toys or plushies, remember to get her one. This gift will surely nurture the inner child in her.

Promise Day: Feb 11

This day is really special, as on this day your words can make or break your relationship. Promises are a commitment that is meaningful if kept. If you give your word to someone, you are basically asking them to trust you more than they already do. It helps build a long-lasting relationship. Hence, it is really important to speak from the heart and make promises that you can keep. Otherwise, broken promises can break hearts.

Hug Day: Feb 12

Make your loved ones feel warm and comfortable with hugs. Cuddle or snuggle with them and listen to them cry about all their worries. Make them feel relaxed and loved. Hugs are special, and a tight one filled with love is all one needs to feel overwhelmed with joy.

Kiss Day: Feb 13

The sixth day of Valentine’s Week is Kiss Day. Kisses are marks of affection, it is a way of telling your partner that they increase your heartbeats. The more passionate the kiss, the healthier the relationship.

Valentine’s Day: Feb 14

The seventh day of the week marks the most important day in the calendar, Valentine’s Day. On this day, take your partner on a date, shower them with gifts, and renew your commitments and marital vows. Make them feel special, as the day allows every individual to open their heart to the fullest.

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