UP: Dwarf Approaches Police To Find Him A Bride

Madam, please help me get married. Ever heard this type of an unusual complaint in a police station? As bizarre as it might sound, a man in Uttar Pradesh recently approached the Shamli police to find him a bride because his family was not helping him out.

He was frustrated as no girl agreed to marry him due to his 2 foot height. Finally, he approached the police to find him a bride for marriage.

Twenty-six-year-old Azeem Mansoori is only two feet and claims that no one wants to get married to him because of his small height. Even after searching a lot, he could not find a suitable bride. Whenever he found someone, his parents did not get him married.

With no option left, Azeem finally approached the police. Azeem said that as police are public servants, they should help him find his bride.

After reaching the police station, he pleaded with a woman police official to help him get married, saying, ”Madam, how long will I remain a bachelor.”

He had earlier approached the Kotwal SDM several times before, but to no avail. Interestingly, he has also posted his grievance on social media that have now gone viral.

‘I have been trying for so long. Is there no one with whom I can live my life? Now I have come to ask for help from the Public Servant Police,’ he said.

His parents have been searching for a girl for him since he turned 21 years old. Due to Azeem’s height, no one agrees to the marriage proposal. He says that this has caused him a lot of stress and is unable to sleep at night.

Only time will say if Azeem will ever get hitched and have a family of his own.


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  1. Khalid Pervaiz says

    Dear All respectfully,

    I’m sorry to say that we both bride|groom family wish to get married their children in well organized family with strong financial background. They go on outer appearance only and ignored his|her all negative discipline. We always ignored of those having middleclass, Low income, no good house, aged thouh, he|she is good, honest, sincere, hard worker and follow the teaching of Islam but we’ll rejected. If you see the life of Hazrat Muhammad[PBUH] and His followers there was no element of aged or wealth. However, the criteria was that he|she is good by character, Honest, Sincere, Hard worker, God fear, Help others and delivered always good.

    God[SWT] blessed and protect us from evil.

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