Unique friendship between Frederic Daniel of France and Dr. Subash Das of Odisha, read to know more

Cuttack: Friendship they say knows no boundaries, here is a bright example of the fact, a man from France has been friends with a man from Odisha since long. Read on to know the uniqueness of their bond.

The duo Frederic Daniel a resident of France and Dr. Subash Chandra Das have known each other for more than four years. Daniel became friends with the famous laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Subhas Chandra Das through a popular social media platform. The affection became so strong in a short span of time that both of them were bound by the bonds of friendship.

Daniel from France came to Puri Jagannath Temple to see the divine deity and his siblings. During his stay in Puri, Daniel contacted his friend Dr. Subash as he was unable to tolerate the  unbearable pain in his stomach. After all the tests were done, it was found that there were stones in the gall bladder.

Without delay, Dr. Subash immediately operated Daniel’s gall bladder through laparoscopic surgery at a private hospital in Mangalabag area in Cuttack. Now Daniel has fully recovered and will return to France after seeing Jagannath during the famous Rath Yatra. Daniel told the media representatives about the entire incident and praised his friend Dr. Subash, Manoranjan Sahu and his associates. During this surgery, the attending physician Ambika Panda, OT assistant of the hospital Pradeepta Sethi, Soumya Ranjan Barik, Subashini Jena, Rashmita Pradhan, laparoscopic camera assistant Vijay Kumar Sahu were also praised by the Frenchman.

On the other hand it is worth mentioning here that the owner of the nursing home said that, “we have given good treatment to the French citizen and his successful treatment has given us renewed confidence.”

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