This shop is India’s first zero-waste juice bar; know what is special

A juice shop in Bengaluru has won the title of ‘India’s first zero-waste juice bar’ for its novel way of serving juice to its customers. This initiative not only prevents any food wastage but also encourages everyone to make the planet a better place.

Named as ‘Eat Raja,’ this fruit juice cafe is located in Bengaluru’s suburbs, Malleshwaram. The owner of the shop came up with a unique idea for keeping the environment clean by serving the refreshing beverages in fruit shells instead of plastic cups or straws. For people looking for home delivery, however, have to bring containers from their home to ease the process.

The man behind the zero-waste juice bar, Anand Raj, was a successful radio jockey. He quit his job to take over his father’s old juice shop. He then transformed the place into a zero-waste venture, and made sure to look through every detail.

Locally sourced fruits and vegetables are used on this shop, providing profit to local vendors. Not only that, but the shop has divided the waste into wet and dry.

Anand’s initiative doesn’t end with just this, but he goes an extra mile by making bio-enzyme cleaners with the help of citrus. The rest of the scraps from fruits go to making compost or are fed to cows.

Eat Raja has employed on-board mothers from across Malleshwaram to create the most authentic recipes. From fruit juices to amazing milkshakes, this shop provides a menu full of colorful and delicious fruit recipes. In addition, they also provide fruit combos; asking the shopkeeper will help get suggestions for their special combos.

Apart from this eco-friendly ingenuity, the bar also encourages people to quit smoking in the view of the clean environment. The shop serves a free glass of juice to those who wants to give up smoking. The place has touched so many lives that people from different cities visit here to drink the sweet beverage.

The cafe remains open seven days a week and people who bring their own steel cups to prevent the use of plastic gets a discount.

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