This girl can read and recognize things even blindfolded, watch

Puri: On the occasion of Snana Purnima today, the three deities of Puri Srimandira were given an annual holy bath in a massive festival in Puri of Odisha today. A huge number of devotees witnessed this grand bathing ritual of Lord Jagannath and siblings in Puri.

Amid the presence of a huge number of devotees at the Badadanda in Puri today there was a girl who was seen correctly recognizing letters, words and things blindfolded only by touching it.

According to her, she got this super ability by the grace of Lord Jagannath and thus she paid visit to Puri to witness the holy festival of Snana Purnima of the trinity.

Meet Sonalisha Mahanta from Keonjhar of Odisha who can recognize texts and things even blindfolded. Her father is a mines operator.

She had received training on brain development earlier. She can recognize any writing, colour, currency note etc. even blindfolded.

According to her 52 people had taken up the brain development training. But only a few of them could grasp this ability. And this was possible for Sonalisha by the grace of Lord Jagannath, she said.

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