The Unsung Heroes Of India. Read On To Find Out

By- Md. Mojahid Raza

Bhubaneswar: Real courage is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking.  In this world, the strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about. The unsung heroes are those who work selflessly for the society- giving more than they ever expect to receive, always showing love to others even when their own heart is broken and smiling back at people while they are battling ferocious storms inside.

Here is a list of some of the lesser-known, unsung heroes of India- the ordinary people who did the extraordinary by choosing the path less trodden and made this world a better, positive place.

  • Venkataraman- Providing Meals at Re. 1
Pic Credit- Entertales

A resident of Erode in Tamil Nadu and a former Railway employee, Venkataraman has been providing full meals to poor and destitutes for Re. 1 at his Sri AMV Homely Mess in Erode.

  • Beena Rao- Teaching Slum Kids For Free
Pic Credit- Entertales

A violinist by profession, Beena Rao has been teaching slum children in Surat. Besides education, Beena also teaches them discipline, yoga and mannerism free of cost.

  • Atul Bhide- Constructed Toilets In Rural Areas With His Own Money

Well-versed with the problems of sanitation, Atul Bhide constructed over 200 toilets at Sogav village, located some 80 kms away from Mumbai.

  • Dr. Rani Bang- Providing Medical Services To Poor Tribals
Pic Credit- The Wire

A Gynaecologist by profession, Dr. Rani Bang has been providing medical and health-care services in the remotest tribal belt of our country since more than 20 years. Her ‘Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health’ has been providing modern medicines to tribals, enriching their lives profoundly.

  • Gangadhar Tilak Katna- Who Filled 1,125 Potholes On Hyderabad Roads
Pic Credit- Quora

The 67-year-old retired Railway employee from Hyderabad filled up over 1,125 potholes on various roads of Hyderabad city to make travelling on roads easier and safer for others. Gangadhar spends his pension on this task. The back of his car is full of tar mixed gravel which he uses to fill potholes the moment he spots any.

  • Prakash Kaur- Started Unique Homes For Abandoned Girls
Pic Credit- LimeRoad

Having been left alone on the streets during childhood, Prakash Kaur started the ‘Unique Home for Girls’ where abandoned girls live a happy and comfortable life. At her Unique Home, girls of all religion, caste, creed and community reside amicably under a single roof. Prakash treats them like her own daughters and does not allow adoption.

  • Swapnil Tewari- Tribal Empowerment

    Pic Credit- Entertales

In 2011, Swapnil Tewari founded the company ‘Naked Colours’ which aims at supporting the struggling, impoverished and poor tribal artisans of the country. His company empowers tribals and rural artisans, provides them livelihood and encourages indigenous art and handloom forms.

Swapnil has also started a mission on women’s safety called ‘The Pink Whistle’ project.

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